High School JAZZ Program

The high school Jazz Program is an extracurricular activity that requires time outside of school. Students must participate in instrumental music to qualify. The program includes 2-3 big bands and 4-5 five combos, depending on available players. These jazz groups are staffed by one full-time faculty member and five adjunct faculty.

Combos rehearse once a week after school for 90-minute sessions. The players are chosen by audition. Big bands, or ensembles, rehearse for two-hour sessions once a week, usually at night. Concert Jazz is the most seasoned group with participants chosen by audition. Repertory Jazz Ensemble also includes students by audition. 


Auditions are held the last Saturday in September. Students can play any jazz tune they choose. Freshman who worked with Mr. Lizotte in 8th-grade Team Improv can use pieces from that class. Audition packets are also available from Mr. Lizotte, both at the end of June the previous school year, and again in September at the high school.

Middle School Jazz Program

Jazz Fundamentals is open to interested seventh grade band members. This performance-based class will introduce classic jazz tunes while incorporating jazz history. Additionally, interested students will learn basic improvisational skills. Informal performances may take place in the spring. Jazz Fundamentals rehearses on Thursday mornings at 6:55am.  

Jazz Band is a performance ensemble for eighth-grade band members. The jazz band will perform for the school and at the annual Jazz Cabaret in March. Jazz Band rehearses on Tuesday mornings at 6:55am.  

Students must be in concert band in order to participate in Jazz Fundamentals or Jazz Band. Exceptions are occasionally made for guitar, bass, and piano students that are taking private lessons and can play at the level required to participate in the groups. Drummers must be studying drum set privately and be able to play at the level required to participate in the groups. Students interested in playing rhythm section instruments (drums, bass, guitar, piano) will need to audition as there limited spots for those instruments.

Jazz groups begin in late October.


Each year we celebrate our jazz program with an evening of performances by the high school and middle school jazz ensembles and combos. Don't miss this night of great music! Click here for more info. 


Students interested in more music opportunities may audition for District 1 Honors for either concert band or jazz band. Materials detailing how to apply are available in early September. Auditions are in October. Mr. Lizotte is available to help students prepare.


Auditions for All-State Festival for band, jazz, and orchestra take place in late October or early November. Some students who are studying privately are encouraged to audition. Given the technical challenges of the pieces, it is recommended that students first audition for District 1 Honors, then try for All-State sophomore year. All-State materials are available during the summer.